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right now. >> straight off the top, a controversy that has spread across the globe came to an abrupt end. less than an hour ago, a florida pastor announceed he's canceling plans to burn copies of the koran on september 11th. this is after warnings of increased terrorist attacks and violence if the event was carried out. tom fitzgerald has more. >> reporter: terry jones not clear if that is the case that he cancelled after the leader of the mosque in new york agreed to move the mosque. the planning of the burns of the book koran, the pastor is calling it off. >> a lot of times we were asked what would it take to call this
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thing off. we thought it over many times. >> reporter: he planned to burn the koran on saturday, the ninth anniversary of 9/11 in response to a construction of a mosque in new york. the leader of a florida mosque arranged the meeting between pastor jones and the builders of the new york mosque who will discuss moving the location. >> we are committed to dissolving the situation here and there. >> reporter: the news comes after interpol issued an alert to 180 countries that if a koran burning in florida went ahead, increased attacks of violence around the world would be the result. >> a recruitment bonanza for al qaeda. >> reporter: president obama called on the pastor to call off the event. >> this taunt is that he's talking about pulling could greatly endanger our young men and women in uniform. >> reporter: muslim leaders in
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washington, meanwhile, invoke the memory of nazi germany when denouncing the pastor. >> they ended up burning people. >> reporter: while the florida church at the center of the storm and the backers of the ground zero mosque at first glance appear at odds, some analysts say they have highlighted the constitution's power and limiting as. >> that both closely connected because they both raise the same principle and that is namely the right to do something that is wrong to do. >> reporter: the state department had issued a travel warring to americans and the white house said they're taking steps to safeguard american personnel and u.s. embassies. the white house wouldn't elaborate on increased activities in regards to security for 9/11 based upon the developments out of florida. and the news edge is in d.c. with five days to g mayor fenty's campaign is facing
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accusations of vote buying. the biggest o own sent calling for an investigation and two people we spoke with claimed a person they thought was representing the fenty campaign offered them jobs if they would vote for fenty first. >> they told us we have to vote. that is the application. >> and you wouldn't get a job unless you voted? right. >> this is an unspecific allegation. no one has given us a name of anyone who did this and we do training of all of our people and let them know that you can't exchange anything for votes. >> mayor fenty said there is not much proof of the allegations, pointing out the people making them can't come up with names. another new poll released and this is showing gray with a double-digit lead over fenty. according to the polls from wamu 88.5 and the city paper, 50% of d.c. residents plan to vote for gray and 39% for fenty. do you think d.c. is better off today than four year ago? go to and take
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our web poll. we'll have the results on fox 5 news at 10. an out-of-control car hit two pedestrians and plowed into an adams morgan restaurant. the driver of that car faced a judge this afternoon. accused of hitting the two women last night, a florida avenue, the police claim she was driving drunk when she lost control of the vehicle and paul wagner is live with more. >> reporter: adams was before a judge about two hours ago. we saw the court-charging documents and in those charging game downtown los angeles, we learned her blood alcohol level and police say it was .18, a little more than twice the legal limit. and police say adams was driving around 18th street when she hit the two and d.c. police say the 23-year-old seen here in handcuffs was driving a 2007 dodge charger southbound on 18th street when she hit two women standing on a traffic island and waiting to cross the
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street. adams continued to cross florida avenue where she jumped the curb and hit a tree ending up inside the front of the restaurant and adams was not hurt but one suffered serious head trauma and the second in her 20s, sustained fractures to her face, a broken leg and bleeding on the brain. >> that could have been more tragic and it's tragic enough. there were a lot of people and pedestrians and vehicle traffic in and around the area. >> in court, we learned adams is unemployed and lives with her grandmother and mother in prince georges county and we learned that these two women hit are international students not u.s. citizens. one is from austria and one from italy. one is in grave condition and the other in very serious
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condition. a teenager gunned down in the streets has died. the 15-year-old was shot on central avenue tuesday night. he died yesterday. tonight, the family is asking anyone who knows or saw anything to contact police. >> anything you needed, he would do for you. you get on his nerves, he -- still lay, man. still lay, man. on that was my ace. and they took my brother from me. you have a heart, turn yourself in. police are still looking for a motive. his bike and ipod were stolen. and in virginia, a school volunteer is behind bars. the 75-year-old george vall turned himself interest in to cops. the incident happened in may in fairfax county. and metro has a change of heart. still ahead, why the transit
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system may scrap the plan to slash the price of smart trip cards. and the president's right- hand man may leave washington to be mayor of the windy city. find out who is giving rahm emmanuel his blessings. and detained in iran for more than a year. there is word one of the american hikers is coming home.
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>> word from iran tonight, one of the three jailed american hikers will be released this saturday. and the relief will mark the
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end of the islamic holy month. the three who were detained in 2009 accused of espionage. the families say they were simply hikeing in iraq and accidentally crossed the border the white house said jobs and the economy are the top items on the president's agenda. the number of people applying for first-time unemployment benefits dropped to 451,000, the lowest level in two months. president obama unveiled now economic initiatives this week. a key campaign issue as the mid- term elects get closer. and president obama gave his blessing to the chief of staff saying rahm emmanuel would make a terrific mayor of chicago; mainual long expressed interest in running for chicago mayor one day. the job came open when richard daily announceed his retirement this week. they expect him to hold off on deciding whether to run for the race until after the mid-term elects. if you rode the metro you
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probably have one. metro is putting the brakes on the plan of a smart trip card. and the number of traffic deaths in the u.s. plummets to levels not seen in a half century. we'll tell you the reasons for the dramatic drop. and a korean mother is getting her driver's license after a journey saw her take 1,000 steps. the 69-year-old passed on her 960th attempt and started out taking it every day, reduced that to twice a week after three years of failure. for her efforts, korean car manufacturer hyundai presented her with a brand-new kia seoul. [ female announcer ] to do well, kids need to eat well.
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>> the number of traffic deaths hit a 60-year low. according to the u.s. transportation department. the death toll on the nation's roads in 2009 was over 33,000. federal officials credit safer vehicles, increased use of seatbelts and tougher law enforcement for the drop. the price of metro's smart trip cards supposed to go down. late last month from $5 to $2.50. if the cards were sold that cheaply, someup scrupulous passengers could have used them to evade most of their fares. john henrehan explains how. >> reporter: every month that goes by, more and more people who ride metro rail and metro bus are using the transit
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system's smart trip card to pay for their ride. about 75% of rail riders now use smart trip cards and about 60% of bus riders use them. every single time customers use a smart trip card, they get a small discount on their trip and they get bigger discounts if they use a smart trip to transfer between bus and rail or transfer bus-to-bus. after the series of significant fare hikes earlier this year, metro's board decided to give passengers a break by cutting the costs of the computer chip smart trip cards from $5 to $2.50. the way the computerized faregate system is set up, people can enter and exit with a we have rebalance. the theory is that the customer will put more money on his or her card later. if smart trip cards drop in price to $2.50, passengers would be able to take long rush hour rail rides. some cost over $5 and they could just throw away the cheap
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smart trip card and be ahead of the game. metro officials estimate that could cost the transit system a million dollars a month in loss revenue. for the time being, the smart trip card price remains at $5 while seven different proposed solutions to the problem are contemplated. one of those solutions would leave the price of smart trip cards at $5. >> i mean $5 is not bad. that is just my opinion. so. and do you have one? >> did you spend the money for one? yes, i did. doesn't bother me a bit? yes, that should do it and maybe tourists could get on it, too. >> reporter: members of metro's board will resume their discussions on how to price the smart trip card at a committee meeting next thursday. on the redline, john henrehan, fox 5 news. >> meantime, metro is getting ready for another holiday weekend of track work that will interrupt service. work is taking place on the blue and orange line during
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columbus day weekend. there will be free shuttles around the work and this is the breakdown. farragut west to mcpherson square stations will be closed. there will be no blue or orange line service at the metrocenter metro rail station. for more information, we have a link at finally, broke the back of the heat. >> how about it? today, 81 degrees and most places in the upper 70s. a little bit breezy out there and that is going to be a wonderful night, a crystal clear night and we get to do it all over again tomorrow. i have some showers in the forecast and that will effect us this weekend. so, we'll look at the weekend forecast here coming up, too and nice live shot, looking outside at our gorgeous evening and get out and enjoy it, the temperatures drop into the 70s in the district and many other places will quickly fall into the low 70s and 60s. high temperature today, 81; yesterday, 96 degrees and so finally, feeling a little bit more fall-like out there. dulles, 79; bwi marshal, 79 as well and we do need rain.
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we have gone 18 days with no measurable rain at reagan national and our deficit is starting to climb just a bit. in fact, it's up and over an inch in most areas as we add to that total. and. and perhaps we'll get rain late side in the overnight hours and into the first part of sunday. i think that will be a quick mover and a fairly convenient timing for most of us. talking about temperatures, we're down to 73 in gaithersburg; 72, hagerstown; 82, culpeper and 75 in winchester. d.c., again, dropping to 79 degrees and it's going to be a comfortable night. lots of cool air to drain in from the north and with the air incredibly dry, we continue to remain under this high fire danger. no red flag warning was issued today. binghampton is 55 degrees and they have to be scrambling to find the jackets up there. meanwhile, it's warm in raleigh, 88 degrees. the cooler air hasn't gotten there yet and enjoy tonight, open the windows. martinsburg, how about 49 degrees for you? warrenton down to 52 degrees and leonardtown, 56 and
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baltimore dropping to 60 degrees. d.c. will be right around 58 to 60 degrees under clear skies and those definite cool temperatures, a breeze remaining. it's been pretty persistent out of the northwest at 10 to 15 and we'll see it overnight and, again tomorrow. friday looks like today and still on the breezy side about 78 degrees. a beautiful day for us. mild and breezy. early on, we'll find temperatures in the 50s. the kids may need that that jacket for school. by noon, 72 and by 4:00, 75 degrees. he's a look at the weekend forecast. saturday, 80. a warm front on saturday afternoon. the clouds will increase side afternoon. i think the rain will hold off in the mountains you get it and it holds off for us until the overnight hours and there could be a rumble of thunder overnight. s most of the showers will be in the morning, some will be hermine's rain that plagued texas and oklahoma. it will be drier for us in the afternoon and by the time you go to the skins game if you're fortunate enough to take in dallas and the redskins on sunday night, kickoff at 8:20,
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it should be clearing if not totally clear and cool. 73 degrees. very nice football weather indeed. going to talk about the tropical depression igor. it was a storm, weakened a bit today and sort of expected off the coast of africa, close to the cape verde islands. it's forecast to develop into a hurricane again the next 48 hours or so. we believe that it will come out of the wind sheer that it's in and that will allow it to get stronger, moving slowly and we believe that it will be a hurricane by sunday night and have 100 miles an hour winds on tuesday. so, we continue to watch igor. that is an important story. we continue to watch for rain and we do think we'll get this rain that you see here on the weather map coming in to town on late saturday and into sunday. the future cast shows it staying out of the way until we're into the saturday night overnight hours and we'll watch that continue moving quickly out of the picture. wrapping it up with the five- day forecast, it's a pleasant one and the only interruption is very brief for some badly- needed rain late saturday and
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into sunday and we continue the perfection next week, brian. >> that looks great. thank you, sue. >> sure. they are honking because they hate the cowboys. even amtrak got in on the act. part of the redskins kickoff week to start the regular season football. the skins face off against dallas sunday night. coming up next, the team talked about the rivalry that could set the tone for the season. first, show biz runs in the family. will and jada pinkett-smith said their 9-year-old daughter willow signed a record label with jay-z and is in her daddy's screen, "i am -- . [ indiscernible ] and her first song is getting a buzz on the internet. 
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and good evening, everybody. dave ross is in for dave feldman. the nfl starts tonight with the super bowl champion saints hosting the vikings. around here this season starts on sunday night when the skins host the arch rivals from dallas. does it get better than that? no. one guy who is no strangeer to the rivalry is cp, clinton portis beginning his seventh year in d.c. you can believe that? this is not his first go around with the head coach mike shanahan. spent the first two years in denver and thrived in shanahan's blocking scheme. for a guy who turned 29 on
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september 1st, he does not feel like an old guy playing in a young man's game. >> actually feel younger at this point. than i did a long time. you know, usually coming out of preseason you beat up, two a days, the body is tight and coming into this week, i think our whole team is fresh and flying around. >> reporter: like the hoody and the hat. what cliche should we use to describe this on sunday night? how about these two teams flat out don't like each other or there is some bad blood between these two or something has to give but my personal favorite, you can throw the records out of the window and when these two teams get together. you can do that, they're 0-0 and they're all trites and true, but i digress. >> the world -- coming in with a new mind set and whole new coaching staff. a lot of new players and a lot of veteran players and -- >> i know people tell me that
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they don't care if we beat anyone else as long as we go out and beat dallas. from a fanss perspective, they look at this as a big time game and i want to go out there and set the tone early. especially in a division game. >> coach k leading the u.s. team against russia in the quarter finals of the world championship. the second quarter, u.s. up one. kevin durant looking to dribble- drive, two of the game high 33 and he's good. to the third u.s., up 11, russell westbrook can steal it and throw it down and they win, 89-79 and -- in the semis on sunday. first round of the bmw championship, this is tiger woods. and not with 3 woods like this. this is the second shot on the par 5, 9th and to grandstand at the back stop. boink! and saved par from there. i can't do that. on the par 3, 12. the tiger club drop is never of the sign. ouch! and throwing right for the old beach. and bogies from there.
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tiger a less-than-stellar 2- over 73, 9 back of the lead of matt kutcher. -- matt kutcher. there is no grandstand backstop for you. instead of making par like tiger, you and i would be look at a double bogie in a face. i can't hit a 3 that far and i'm probably laying up. >> if either of us are hitting, there would be a lake behind that, anyway. >> yeah, and that would be triple bogy. >> right, and a golf cart beyond that with somebody inside. >> that is why we play on the weekends and not like they do. >> and put the ball in the pocket and walk off and write down -- . >> all around, my friend. >> all right. thank you. over to sue 358ca. >> this is -- sue palka. >> this is going to be a great weekend with brief rain sunday morning. >> now you have the news edge. back here at 10. gñ000 
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